Our team can review your manuscript for errors and offer suggestions for improvements.

Interior Layout

We can help you ensure your interior layout is the best possible for your readers.


Sometimes, you just need an extra set of eyes to read over your manuscript.

We Help Authors

Web Design

Running a web site doesn’t have to be difficult and our tech can help.

Cover Design

Covers need to express what is in your book and stand out to attract potential readers.


If you need a few images or a full book illustration, we’ve got you covered.

Vulgar Scullery Maid Publishing, LLC

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The Team

Kate Landers

Author, Editor, Illustrator

Kate is an author and editor who wants to help you avoid some of the same troubles she has had with book publishing.

John Landers

Designer, Illustrator, Tech

John is an illustrator and designer. He loves drawing creepy characters and playing with colors.