Vulgar Scullery Maid Publishing is Live

Vulgar Scullery Maid Publishing is a limited liability company we established to help authors get their stories published. Now that we are official and working to establish our business, we thought we should take a minute to say hello.

The Vulgar Maid’s FAQ

Who are you?

We recommend checking the “About Us” page but the TL;DR: we’re a creative dynamic duo passionate about putting art into the world. We believe that creators shouldn’t have to give up on their dreams of holding their own books in their hands because of the frustrations of self-publishing.

What services do you provide?

Our current focus is on getting authors through the self-publishing process.

Need advice on which self-publishing service to use? We can answer that.
Need help formatting a manuscript or creating a book cover? We’ve got you.
Proofreading? Editing? Illustration? Yep. Yep. Yep.
Need a shoulder to cry on because the process is so damned confusing? Maybe when we get to know you better.

What services do you NOT provide?

The main service we do not provide is the distribution and marketing of your books under the Vulgar Scullery Maid Publishing umbrella – the stuff that comes after you hit “Print.” While we hope to expand into this down the road, we’re not going to jump straight into the deep end!

How much does this all cost?

We provide a quote and service description on a case-by-case basis. Being completely transparent, we want to provide services that creators can actually afford but we also need to buy groceries. We love what we do and will try to work within your allotted budget!

How do we get in touch?

You can get in touch with us by leveraging the form on our Contact page. We will make every effort to respond to your requests within 48-72 hours unless holidays or vacation gets in the way.

What should I expect working with you?

We are detail-oriented and hard working. We pride ourselves on being responsive, honest, and encouraging. We want to help your book be the best it can be. You can expect truthful feedback and timely responses. We are not a “vanity press.” We are consultants.

Thank you for checking us out and we can’t wait to work with you soon!


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