Ina Changes the Sky

Dear Readers,

We’re very excited to announce our latest project from author Billie Bang and illustrator John Landers, Ina Changes the Sky!

When old and grouchy Ina dreams of a way to become young and happy again, she wakes up determined to make it happen. All she has to do is change the color of the sky! With advice from a wise willow tree, Ina sets off to make her dream come true. But no matter what she does, every morning when she wakes up the sky is still blue! Will Ina ever get what she wants?

This project was a real joy to create and to make it extra special, we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign for our initial release. For our early supporters, we are offering limited edition art prints, acrylic paintings, and sticker sheets! Check it out here: Ina Changes the Sky.

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ISBN (Print)9781960151070
Suitable For Ages3 and up
Kickstarter Campaign


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