The Good, The Bad, and Something Else

To our favorite fans (and I guess the rest of you too),

Happy Halloween!

Where to start… Well, before I get into the announcements, let’s take a minute to set the tone.

Up to this point, all of our blogs on this site have been written from a very professional point of view. The blog would get written by one of us and then edited (by Kate, let’s face it, she’s the only editor here) before being scheduled for a future post date. This post, though? It’s going out as soon I as put a period on that last sentence. Don’t worry, I won’t go full Vulgar Scullery Maid on you, but it’ll be written more like my personal blog… so brace yourself.

New Books Available Now!

Ina Changes the Sky is finally available*! Yay! Billie Bang writes a good story and that’s enough of a reason to buy this book. (Though, I did illustrate it and that might be a good second reason to buy this book!) So, even though we hit multiple delays, our book is finally out there for you to get your hands on. (Might I recommended our Etsy shop? Or over at

Billie doesn’t know how to take things easy and that’s why The Sun, The Moon, and The Prince is also now available*! (Again, can I suggest Etsy or This book is all Billie filled with paper-cutout inspired art that’s sure to tickle your heart! It definitely tickled mine.

So get out there and get your copies today!

Now, The Bad News

You may have noticed the asterisk above. That’s because we currently only have softcovers available for these books. In fact, we’ve pushed off announcing the softcovers to the point that they’ve released and we’re past schedule, because we’ve been waiting on news about our hardcovers.

Initially, Ina Changes the Sky was delayed because we moved so we pushed back production a month or so. After a couple months of back-and-forth, the books were supposed to be shipped to us this past Thursday but that day came and went. Of course, as I’m writing this to you now – notification came in that Ina will be shipping soon. (Yay?)

No word on The Sun, The Moon, and The Prince. I haven’t even seen a proof copy of that one yet though It’s been nearly 6 weeks since I submitted the order. But, hey, one thing at a time and I’m happy to see that Ina hardcovers might be in hand sooner than it seemed possible.

Anyway, stay tuned. As soon as all of our hardcovers show up at our doorstep, there’ll be an announcement to let you know!

Oh, Hey, There’s More Good News!

If you thought Kate was busy writing books as Billie Bang and wouldn’t have time to produce another adult book, well let me set that straight right now! We are wrapping up work on A Marvelous Time, which we expect to have out by the end of November just in time for your holiday shopping!

Here’s A Marvelous Fact for you: we recorded Kate reading her poems and using a little bit of black magic, it is scheduled for distribution to all your favorite streaming platforms! So when you buy the book, which I know you heathens absolutely will, you’ll get to have the joy of listening to your favorite person read them aloud to you.

I’ll make sure we post again when it’s released (and there will be a QR code in the book) but if you’re the type to pre save on Spotify or Apple Music, here’s the promotional link:

Wrapping Up

As always, we’re still here creating and with November just a few hours away let me say congrats to all of you Inktober participants! And, good luck to all of you that will be taking part in NaNoWriMo!

Wishing you the best,

John @ Vulgar Scullery Maid


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